We're a creative technology company on a mission to make indoor exercise as fun and energetic as the outdoors. We develop ebove™, a unique training concept that combines exercise and gaming. Incorporating real motion with socialization and immersive visuals, we deliver the most engaging, entertaining and realistic indoor exercise experience in the world. 

First out is the B/01 bike, where indoor becomes outdoor as every move is felt and experienced realistically, inside beautiful immersive visualizations of outdoor surroundings. In short, it's the world's most awesome bike simulator! The ebove™ B/01 bike was first introduced at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Behind ebove™ is the Norwegian tech start-up Activetainment. Consisting of passionate bikers, skiers, gamers, developers and virtual reality enthusiasts, Activetainment is engaged to make every exercise session a unique and playful experience. Simply put; we bring indoor exercise to life.